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Tight visa controls encourage illegal immigration, say researchers

Study finds restrictions on migration can push people towards unauthorised channels The use of visa restrictions to control global migration is “counterproductive and ineffective”, pushing people who want to stay within the law towards illegal channels, research has suggested. The study by academics from University College London (UCL), University of

‘Truth isn’t truth’ All the times Rudy Giuliani appeared not to think before he spoke – video

Donald Trump’s lawyer, the former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, has made several gaffes while serving his client, ranging from spilling the beans on how Michael Cohen bought Stormy Daniels’s silence to confusing tales about the alleged meeting with Russian operatives in Trump Tower. So far, Giuliani has managed to

Tears as separated North and South Korean families come together briefly – video

Eighty-nine North and South Korean families were temporarily reunited on Monday in a tearful meeting on Mount Kumgang, a North Korean tourist resort. Many families we separated after the Korean war in 1953. Reunions are permitted only occasionally by North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, but now an ageing generation means